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Activity :Tips and reasons about how to visit the cold roll forming ma
Mar 19, 2021

Welcome to Zhongtuo factory talk about your demanded machine


Every year, from April to October, this period is the hot season in the year.

Recently days, many foreigh customers come to visit our factory.

As a saler, i think it is very necessary to visit the supplier's factory very much!

for example, in this week, On Tuesday, two Russian customer , one is an engineer come to visit us, they talk with ustep tile forming machines about the C profie roll forming machine, the C stud they made are usded for making the drywall steel structure.Their engineer customer and our customer are sitting together, face to face, talking about the designing of the C profile. And the Russian cutomers are very satisfied with our factory. Our factory is professionaly making the steel structure material roll forming machine such as : Omega furring machine, main channel machine, wall angle machine J profile forming machine and the L profile forming machine and so on.Our customers are very surprised that we make the roll forming machine parts, such as the rolles by our self CNC machines. So tips of visiting the roll forming machine is that: Please check if they make the roll forming machine parts by themselves.

On Wednesday, we have customer from India visiting our factory for the gutter door roll forming machine and CZ purlin roll forming machine.

On Thursday, we have customers from Dubai visiting our factory, their machines are roofing sheet machine and solar stand roll forming machine.

and On Friday, customer from Japan will arrive our factory.


The reasons why it is necessary for the foreigh customer come to China Cold roll forming machine factory inspecting the machines are as below:

1 If you inspect the factorys, you can find how the factory runs, if there are many machines in the factory,

it prove that this factory is professional, and it worth you buy ad order your machine in this factory.

2 Only by visiting the factory, you can check if the factory is a cheater factory or not, so can avoid the possibility of beening cheated.

3 The mosy important reason is that, when you come to the factory, you can talk about the machines and specifications in details with the factory engineer, as you known, the engineer will design the machine, if the engineer understand your requirments well , he is sure to design a good machine for you.

4 There is another reasons why you can choose our factory before you buying the machines------Our city is near Beijing city, about 50 minutes by highway train from Beijign to our city.

If you do not like by train, we are glad to pick up you from the airport.

Because our city is a indsutrial city, every day, there are may foreigh friends come to our city order them goods, so there are good hotels for foreign friends.

We are believe you can have a good time visiting our factorys and our city


Some foreigh customers are living long distance from China, so it may be high cost for visiting the factorys, So some of the customers can not visit the factorys.

In this case, the customer should work hard to find a worth cooperation factory.

In a word, we suggest the customer visit our factorys, Also we can warmly receiving our customers.

So welcome to our factory, If you really need a machine, please buy your airplane tickests now!



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