• Time:Jul 31, 2019

    Factory Test For Ridge Cap Making Machine Yesterday we arranged a machine test for our client from India. The customer ordered four machines in our factory.They are two model sets of roof shet panel machines, a ridge cap making machine and one set of curving machine. We provide some photos and machine running video to the customer. They are satisfied with the finished steel sheet and these machines will be shipped to India next week. Here we supply many pictures and video about the machines for your reference. If you are interested in cold roll forming machine,please contact us. We will supply one-stop service for your company.

  • Time:Jun 12, 2018

    We developed Unistrut 41x21 Slotted Pre-Galvanised Channel roll forming machine is just for making the production in batch and fully automatic. Unistrut 41x21 Slotted Pre-Galvanised Channel 3m (P3300T10X3) (P3300T10X3PG) Heavy Duty 41 mm x 21 mm x 3m 41 mm x 21 mm x 3m. Plain channels have no slots and holes in both the deep and shallow profiles to ensure professional tradespeople have a number of easy to fix options to hand. Plain channels have no slots and holes in both the deep and shallow profiles to ensure professional tradespeople have a number of easy to fix options to hand.

  • Time:Jun 12, 2018

    The metal ridge cap roll forming machine is used to make the steel house ridge cap panel . the ridge cap panel is used to protect the steel house roof fromleaking water in roofs. The ridge cap panel is widely used in modern steel house, while the ridge cap roofing panel machine is more and more fit the market. For the ridge cap panel, there are different shapes, the square shape and the round shape and the glazed shape and so on.

  • Time:Jun 12, 2018

    This c z interchange purlin making machine is a new product. The width of the profile can be automatic adjusted by the control computer and the only tworoller stations can bemanual overturned to make Cor Z purlin.The PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)powered by the software that controls the automation of the processes of the forming, cutting and punching. The c z interchange purlin making machine adopts the latest technologythatallow the operator enter all data through a touch screenquickly and reliablyto meet a predetermined production.

  • Time:May 09, 2018

    U Guide Rolling Shutter Making Machine is designed to makeGuides (U Channels) in batch fully automatically. Machine constructed from steel - Machine fitted with a number of rolls with forming dies, through which a cut strip is passed - In a single pass, the desired U Channel is formed - Drive of the machine through machine cut gears - Rolls rotate in bearings having lubrication arrangement - Necessary guides and supports are provided for the strips to pass through rolls - Coil roll can be load

  • Time:May 07, 2018

    Thehigh frequencywelded pipe forming machinecan be recommended from coil hanging to pipepackaging, which consisted of complete pipemill, rotating capstan,single or double decoiler, staightener,shearend welder,accumulator,pipe mill section,flying saw and packaging. Thehigh frequencywelded pipe forming machineis mainly used to produce tube for heat exchanger,refrigerator, frame of car,bicycle ect,fitness equipment,furniture,chiller,petrol transmission and so on.

  • Time:Apr 23, 2018

    1.Thissandwich panel making machine adopts advanced technology integrating pneumatic, electric and mechanical technology. 2.It is controlled by computer; display Chinese / English language .People can very easy operate it. 3.The length of final sandwich panel can be controlled by the computer system, based on users requirements. The computer system has precise orientation with timed display on the touch screen. And it has the ability of automatic counting and correction.

  • Time:Apr 21, 2018

    Zhongtuo cut to length lineis a kind of machine of getting narrow coils from main coils. For widths of up to 1250mm, thicknesses of up to 1 mm and speeds of up to 400 m/min. The lines are composed of high-precision slitters with quick tooling change for slitter, tensioning device and recoiler. High-capacity recoilers .

  • Time:Apr 21, 2018

    Metal steel coil slitting machine is a length ways cutting production line, for cutting metal sheet stirp. sheet coil slitting machine can uncoil metal sheet strip coil, then slit(cut) the metal sheet strip longitudinal, then rewind the slitted metal sheet strips, for getting narrow metal sh eet strip coils.

  • Time:Apr 17, 2018

    Thiswall angle roll forming machine is newly developed by our engineer. It is equipped with a rotary punching device. The speed can up to 60m/min.

  • Time:Apr 09, 2018

    Thismetal stud track roll forming machine is for Philippines market. Itis fully automatic and high speed producing continuously, one set of forming rolls can produce various sizes of Stud and Runner just by simply and easily changing the spacers, this enables the production of different sizes products on the same rollers.

  • Time:Apr 09, 2018

    Slotted Angle Making Machine is mainly producing wall angle. It is the commonly used one for drywall corner bead protection. The multihole flanges of the metal bead for effective compound adhesion. The small nose bead for corner lines shape. And it is easy to install with nails and other fasteners.

  • Time:Apr 05, 2018

    Light steel villas and steel structure villas are civil residential buildings with the appearance of new environmental protection and energy saving small houses. It is a main building material used for moving slab houses, H-shaped steel, and Caigang sandwich panels as the main load-bearing skeleton and main wall system.

  • Time:Apr 05, 2018

    Thissteel door frame roll forming machine is fully automatic. With independed punching device at the beginning, the machine adopts 45-degrees cutting system .

  • Time:Apr 05, 2018

    The final products of this type of rolling shutter strip making machine are widely use in retail stores, pharmacies and hospitals Roller Shutters increases the privacy of personal or business property conveniently giving protection or security against burglars intruders. They also protect your windows from Extreme Heat or Cold, Noise and light.

  • Time:Apr 05, 2018

    The finished product of metal roof tile making machine is widely used in the construction of various industrial plants, villages, warehouses,family construction and etc. It has the advantage of beautiful, classical appearance and grace taste.

  • Time:Apr 05, 2018

    Stainless steel pipe making machine is widely used as security windows, railings, stair railings, interior molding, etc.One machine can manufacture many sizes of round pipe, square pipe and rectangle pipe by changing rollers.

  • Time:Mar 19, 2018

    This rotary punching machine is with high speed, the speed can achieve as high as 45 meters/min. this rotary punching is a kind a rolling punching system.this plastic Rotational punching machine plastic profiles rotary punching system machine can not only punch the steel sheet holes , but also punching the plastic sheet holes.

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